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Anesthesia Specialty Billing Services

An Anesthesiologist plays a very critical part of any surgery

He/she ensures that appropriate dose of the drug is administered to the patient to ensure that the surgery goes smooth and without complications.

Unlike other medical specialties, Anesthesia Billing has its own nuances and challenges. In Anesthesia, "TIME IS MONEY". Unlike other practices where procedure alone dictates claim value, in Anesthesiology the "duration" is an equally significant factor.

We at Vision understand that "time units" are the assets to an Anesthesia practice.

Also important is - who has provided the anesthesia services - An anesthesiologist, Qualified Non-physician Anesthetist? Any one or both? Is the same Physician providing the Medical and Surgical Service? The biller needs to know and bill appropriately with requisite modifiers. Any mistake here can result in revenue of the practice.

Vision’s Anesthesia billing specialists are fully up-to-date with the specific coding and billing guidelines including:

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