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Its High Time You Redesigned the Website of Your Medical Practice

In the digital world, your website is how your business is recognized. No matter who you are, if you do not have an impressive website, you probably do not have a chance in the world out there. Having a website and having an impressive website are two completely different things. You cannot have an unresponsive and seemingly dead website today when more than half of the world is relying on the internet.

You may think that there is no need of redesigning your medical practice website but think again. There are numerous things on your website which may not be as good as you think. Being a medical practitioner, you may have overlooked this but now is the right time to focus on it.  In this blog, let us go through a checklist that will help you to decide whether you need to redesign your website or not.

Is Your Website a Responsive Website?

Is Your Website a Responsive Website?

The very first thing which you need to ask yourself is whether the website is responsive or not. One of the worst things to hit your potential digital audience is an unresponsive and slow website. The fate of your website is decided in the first five seconds only and if your website takes longer than that to load, you must work on the responsiveness of the website.

Ensure Online Security to comply with HIPAA

Digital security and privacy are concerns to be handled on priority, especially for medical websites. Patients have always been savvy about protecting themselves online. If your website is not yet updated in a while, then it probably is not as secure as it should be.

Please see that your Digital marketing partner has taken steps to ensure that all protected health information (PHI) communicated your websites is safe and secure, but a redesign may be in order if you have an older site.

Get Your Website Mobile-Ready

Get Your Website Mobile-Ready

Do you know that more than 60% of the traffic for any website comes from mobile? While you are focusing on making your website responsive for the visitors, you also make sure if the website is accessible on different devices such as laptops, tablets, and most importantly, smartphones.

Less is More: Focus on That

A cluttery and congested website impresses no one. A disorganized website with too much information has the least impact on the visitors and if your website is like that, you seriously must think about redesigning the website! Keeping a minimalistic approach is totally up to you but while you do so, make sure that you are minimizing clutter and introducing useful information on the website.

Introduce Call to Action Feature

Are you having something in mind for your visitors? It can be anything from making them subscribe to your newsletter to exploring the blog section. Whether you want them to book for a free consultation or an appointment, the call-to-action feature can easily convey to your visitors what you have in store for them. The idea of a website is to give the visitors convenience and with the introduction of CTA, it can be very swift.

Is Your Website Having Relevant Information?

Is Your Website Having Relevant Information?

Your website needs not to have an appearance like a brochure. To attract patients, your website must have value added to it which should be in the form of relevant information. Identifying the most frequently asked questions by the patients, introducing them on your website, incorporating blogs, interactive videos for the patients to read and watch respectively, adding FAQs, etc. There are numerous things that can help in making your website relevant and improving its value.

 Who’s Getting the Edge?

There is always competition and it is always a tough fight between competitors. If your website is not fresher and more streamlined than your competitor, there is absolutely no point you will get any traffic on your website. If recently, you have started to struggle with a seemingly lesser visitor volume then that must be because of your weaker online presence. Evaluate your website – look, design, appeal, functioning, responsiveness, adaptability, navigation, etc. to make sure you have got the upper hand here.

If you lag even in one of the above-listed parameters, you need to buckle up and begin working on what is needed. Find your way to the top of the competition by making a strong digital presence.