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Making Telehealth Visits Smoother and Effective

The Coronavirus outbreak has surely made Telehealth visits quite popular among patients. Technology-enabled healthcare services offer several opportunities for physicians and patients.

Who does not want a convenient and easily accessible healthcare? This is the main reason why telehealth visits have grown so popular over the last couple of months. Observing this popularity, physicians and healthcare providers are adopting the new connected health solutions.

But how can you make sure that your telehealth session is going to be glitch-free? This is a new phase, so here are a few tips that can help you sail through smoothly without much hiccups. Here are some tips that can make telehealth visits more comfortable and effective for both parties.

Patient Care

Patient Care

This is a seemingly new technology that has been introduced in the recent times. To make the telehealth visit more effective, you can:

a) Attend Your Patients in A Welcoming Manner

Making your patient comfortable during telehealth visit is the first important thing you need to take care of. The key to a relaxed telehealth visit is to understand the patient; the more a physician understands the patient, the more comfortable is the encounter.

b) Assisting Your Patient in Getting Ready for Consultation

A significant part of the telehealth visit is making sure that your patient knows what to expect from the telehealth visit. This includes the application or connected health device which is to be utilized or the type of clothing to be worn during the visit, etc.

c) Have Patient Records Beforehand

Doctors should have all the patient records, medical histories, with them prior to every consultation to avoid any inconvenience later.

d) Being Extra Attentive Towards the First Timers

Every physician needs to be more attentive towards the ones who come for their very first telehealth consultation. They are seemingly far off the grid and may need more assistance.

e) Helping Your Patient Pick Up Pace with Technology

Things can become difficult for the non tech-savvy patients. It becomes your responsibility to make them comfortable with all the procedures and prerequisites.

f) Listen to Your Patients and Focus on Them

The whole purpose of telehealth visits is to give a patient the care and treatment that they require, isn’t it? Respond to the patient in a way that they feel that you care about the visit and stay engaged with them in the discussion. Nod to them, ask them their problems, make it feel like just another in-office visit.

Staff and Tech Checklist

Staff and Tech Checklist

This is not just a new process for the patients but even the staff you are working with must be new to the sudden change of course. There are a few things which you need to keep a track of beforehand. Have a look at tips for your staff below:

a) Train Your Staff for the Telehealth Visits

All the physicians and staff that are involved in telehealth visits must receive healthy training from the platform and the technology that is to be used. Making your staff well-versed with the technology is the only way you can ensure that the telehealth visits can be made successful.

b) Choosing Easily Accessible Platforms for Meeting

The driving technology behind telehealth visits maybe video conferencing but it’s not limited to just that. While Facetime and Zoom can turn out to be helpful for iOS and Android users respectively, there are also other applications that are in compliance with HIPAA and are specifically designed in a way to benefit patients and health care providers.

c) Checking Your Equipment Thoroughly Before Every Meet

Devices that you are going to use for your telehealth visits must be checked beforehand. Right from camera to microphone, check your equipment before beginning the consultation.

d) Understanding Features that Can Elevate Virtual Visit Experience

There is more to telehealth visits, technically, that helps in making the visit more comfortable. Store and forward, screen sharing, and multiple other features are there to help doctors and patients to make the most out of their telehealth visits.

e) Getting the Drift of RPM – Remote Patient Monitoring

RPM is all about creating an improved quality of life for patients irrespective of the ailments they suffer from. The devices included in remote patient monitoring help deliver patient-data to the physician and designing a treatment plan for them.

Some devices are to be worn all the time while others require manual data entry. Now, this can only be possible if the patients are made fully aware of the devices.

Following Telehealth Billing Guidelines

During the Public Health Emergency, most companies have relaxed their usual guidelines for the healthcare providers. However, there are few things that you and your billing staff are required to follow and document so that your payment doesn’t get delayed and is free from any jeopardy.

Make sure to have a clear understanding of what to do, what to avoid, and get all your telehealth visits covered by your medical billing provider.

Some Additional Tips for a Better Telehealth Experience

Telehealth Experience

  • Inform the patients about the follow-up or let them know how they will be notified about a follow-up.
  • If there’s any pre-visit information that is required for the diagnosis, make sure that the patients are aware of it.
  • Prioritize your patient when you’re in a telehealth visit
  • Ensure the bare minimum – proper network requirements. Test and ensure that you have uninterrupted videocalls.
  • Try using texting service to convey information to patients who are not technically advanced
  • Make sure to follow the same guidelines that you would with a patient during an in-person visit. Walk your patient through the examination to identify and diagnose their problems correctly.

Technology-enabled healthcare services makes telehealth visits a reality. While a lot of patients say it’s much better than the in-office visits, this cannot be used as a substitute for in-person visits.

With the introduction of the above-listed pointers, an effective telehealth visit can be ensured. Give your patient an experience like never with the help of telehealth visits.