We enable you to increase your revenue by up to 20%., reduce cost by up to 50% and help you get free from handling non-core competence operation.
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Revenue Cycle Management

Healthcare industry is growing more complex day by day. Payer reimbursement rates are declining, operating costs are rising and at the same time administrative challenges are multiplying.

You are getting bogged down by elaborate and confusing payment systems, intricate compliance requirements and IT-related issues like security and reliability. Result? You are losing focus on what matters most – your patients

As a healthcare provider you understand that medical billing services for Physicians is one of the most complex, yet crucial components of your Practice. As medical practices evolve and face the introduction of new technologies, government requirements, quality assurance measures and financial limitations, you / your practice managers have to review your business processes and identify areas that can save resources and / or improve revenues.

Medical billing is one such area that can help you achieve both.

Vision, a RCM company, based in New York, offers knowledge and intelligence based Medical Billing Services for Physicians which can transform your operations. Our Revenue Cycle Management service takes over the entire responsibility of backend operations leaving you free to focus on your core activities. We extend the most reliable Physician Billing service in USA. Outsource your Medical Billing to Vision and reap the benefits.

Vision’s Revenue Cycle Management service module is implemented after a free analysis of your data and includes one month free trial. Our comprehensive and reliable services include:

The best-in-class billing service can help you with more than just processing claims. If you have some queries related to medical billing, check out our FAQ section. After you have your queries answered, feel free to get in touch with us, and get expert help for your medical billing.

Customized Medical Billing Services to Make Physicians Free from Billing Stress

Did you know that medical billing mistakes can complicate things for patients and insurers to function together? It requires more time and resources to fix errors and creates inconvenience for all involved? You could be running at a deficit if you don’t diligently charge patients and receive payments on schedule. Do not fall victim to this fate. Physicians devote years to acquiring the techniques necessary to create a professional career. Keeping up with the ever-changing world of physician revenue cycle management is incredibly difficult. Vision’s Revenue Cycle management module takes charge of all facets of consultant patient accounting, including the return of aging accounts receivables (A/R). We also deliver a wide variety of medical sales cycle management programs that are customized to your unique needs. We adeptly handle the task of claims denial and a sequence of other tasks, leaving you mess-free. If you are a physician struggling with Revenue Cycle Management, it’s time to outsource your task to an expert.

 Working with a seasoned physician billing services provider like Vision will help you focus on your core task and leave the other stresses at bay. 

Why Outsource Physician Billing Services to Vision?

When you have outsourced your physician billing service in the USA to Vision. But wait, there’s more. Our comprehensive management and physician billing service in the USA removes the tasks of claim filing, invoice posting, and follow-up, and much more, from your task list. Here are a few more reasons why we’re the perfect choice for you:

  • Verifying patient insurance eligibility and benefits
  • Entering patient demographics and Claim Charges
  • Making sure the appropriate CPT and ICD diagnosis codes correspond and are current AMA-approved codes.
  • Being certain that the procedure codes that are supplied are not part of a CCI edit
  • Making sure applicable managed care authorizations and/or referrals are on file for the services performed.
  • Posting patient, handling denials, and insurance payments to claims/accounts.
  • Following-up on unpaid or incorrectly paid claims.
  • Filing claim appeals when necessary.
  • Providing Secondary and Tertiary claim submission when applicable.
  • Providing accurate weekly/monthly reports on all of the above.
  • Staying educated and on top of industry standards, such as Medicare, State & local regulations.

Our Effective Process for Your Revenue Cycle Management

1. Diagnosis of the Code – Our AAPC-certified coders are experts in the ICD, CPT, and HCPCS coding schemes, you can be assured that reviewing and interpretation of electronic health records (EHRs) done by us is accurate and free from errors. Claims are filed and tracked by our specialists.

2. Check for Eligibility – We ensure the patients are qualified for the benefits and if they are preauthorized.

3. Carry out the credentialing phase – We ensure that the providers are not under-documented and have all required documentation in a single pass, rather than tracking them down.

4. Dealing with claim Denial – We actively backtrack the procedure whether there are outstanding dues, claims to appeal, or even rejected claims, to ensure a positive experience for providers.

5. Payouts should be posted – We assess payments received by insurers, as well as explanations of benefits (EOBs), and deposit the funds directly into the patient’s account.

6. Check Your Account Balance – Patients receive prompt statements and reminders about unpaid balances.

Best Medical Billing Services Providers

Vision is a US-based medical billing service for physicians with the same cost-effective and reliable Medical Billing systems as it provides to doctors. We have the right team of coding and billing professionals and consultants who can provide you with the requisite back-office support and allow your company to achieve the success you’ve always wanted. 

You’re stymied by problems finding qualified and effective employees, rising wages and maintenance of expenses, as well as, IT-related concerns such as security and efficiency. What’s the result? You’re losing sight of what matters: the customers. Associating with medical billing service providers in USA will assist you in handling these tasks with better efficiency. As a Medical Billing service provider, you must negotiate with Healthcare Providers that are highly demanding and have the best service standards but are unable to pay the high cost of the first-class service. It becomes exceedingly difficult to make ends meet, let alone expand the company unless you can compromise on the level of service provided to clients. In this case, you’ll need to analyze your business model and search for ways to save money and/or boost growth. Vision will help you do both by contracting medical billing services for physicians in the USA. Your activities will be transformed by Vision’s information and intelligence-based support. Our Medical Billing specialists will take charge of the rest of your backend processes, helping you to concentrate on your customers and associated tasks. Furthermore, you can begin by outsourcing a small task on an FTE (Full Time Employee) basis, then scale up until you’ve seen the outcomes and feel secure.

Medical Coding Outsourcing for Your Convenience

Coding is the backbone of Medical Billing and sending out a clean claim depends on the correct and appropriate coding. Vision specializes in ICD & CPT coding and has extensive experience in Outpatient Medical Coding. We employ Certified Coders having credentials like:

CPC (Certified Professional Coder) from AAPC

CPC-H (Certified Professional Coder for Hospital (inpatient) from AAPC

CPCO (Certified Professional Compliance Officer) from AAPC

Our Coders deployed for the Middle East know IR-DRG (International Refined Diagnosis Related Group) and other guidelines published by HAAD/SEHA/DHA


Any medical appointment necessitates the participation of both physician and hospital personnel. Even though the hospital and the physician use the same terminology to explain each fee, their bills are for different facilities. Professional appraisal, direction, and supervision will be included in the physician’s bill.

Our medical billing services for physicians work in two different pricing models – Outcome-based (a fixed percentage of total collected amount) and Rate per Full Time Employee utilized for billing activity.

a. Outcome-based: We charge a fixed percentage of the fee for the amount that we collect for you. The fee amount is the percentage of consolidated payment received by you from commercial as well as Medicare payers, co-pays, self-pays, capitation payments et al. It is well known in our industry that billing expenses through outsourcing partners can cost up to 40% lower than when done in-house.

b. Rate per FTE: We offer per Full-time employee (FTE) deployment pricing to physician practices and billing company partners for any work that is outsourced to us.
In addition to the above pricing models, we time and again run promotions and campaigns offering free and discounted services for a specified period.