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Accounts Receivable Management

Accounts Receivable Management is one of the most critical process of the Revenue Cycle of a healthcare practice. However, it is very often the most neglected area, especially in an in-house billing set up. This is because of the tedious process involved – calling different insurances, long hold time, getting the claim status, understanding the issue, and taking the required action. In house billing team, under constant pressure of sending out daily claims and answering patient queries is just not able to do justice to this man power intensive part of the Revenue Cycle.

This is where Vision steps in. Vision’s dedicated and experienced AR team works relentlessly to work on your unpaid claims and reduces your “AR days”. Our clients typically have AR days in the range of 25-40. Our AR team strives to increase your collections in the shortest possible time. Our AR manager regularly monitors the AR report and identifies claims which need to be followed up. The AR team then calls the Insurance companies, gets the Claim status, understand the issue and then take corrective action promptly. The follow-up team is fully up-to-date with latest Payer guidelines and Medicare regulations and argues the case in favor of the Provider, as and when he finds an error on part of the Payer. Our team follows up all claims until they are paid.

Even if you are not a Vision RCM client, you can benefit a lot by outsourcing your AR Management to Vision. We offer the following as part of AR Management:

  • Analysis of Accounts Receivables by an AR expert
  • Strategizing the follow up process to ensure maximum recovery
  • Payer follow up all unpaid claims and getting Claim status
  • Analyzing and understanding the Issue
  • Correcting and refiling the Claim where required
  • Requesting Payer for re-process if claim denied in error
  • Filing Appeals where required
  • Analysis of payments received and filing appeals against under payment

Vision team leverages its in-house developed proprietary software to analyze AR reports of a practice which enables its experts to strategize the Insurance Follow up in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

Even Billing companies rely on our qualified professionals and streamlined, secure and cost-effective processes, to follow up unpaid claim of their clients. Outsourcing AR management and follow up enables their in-house team to focus on other aspects like business development and client relationship.